Medical Tests

Medical tests play a range of roles, from detecting ailments and verifying diagnoses to planning treatments, gauging the success of interventions, and monitoring the development of a condition. Physicians may suggest these evaluations during routine health checks, for targeted disease detection, or to monitor your general health.

Australian National Genomic Information Service (ANGIS), including the database of BioManager, has been maintained for a long time by Peter Reeves, a professor at the University of Sydney.

Peter ReevesProfessor Reeves is internationally renowned for his genetic analysis of enteric bacteria. He determined the genetic basis of the enormous variation in O antigens. There can be more than an I00 form within a species and little overlap between related species. This variation is due to the reassortment of genes between O antigen genes and other gene clusters and the transfer of gene clusters between species.

He showed that the 7th pandemic clone of Vibrio cholerae did not arise directly from the 6th pandemic clone, suggesting it arose from an environmental strain, with implications for the origins of this significant human pathogen.