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ANGIS holds several bioinformatic training courses around Australia every year. These courses consist of some lectures and hands-on computational work. ANGIS schedules courses according to perceived demand. In addition, an institution can arrange for their own ANGIS course.

Courses instigated by ANGIS cost $185 per person per day, with a limit of 20 people/course and a minimum of 10. Discounts are available when three or more people from one subscribing group attend. No other discounts are available. We accept individual payment by credit card.

Courses instigated by subscribers cost $1200 per day + full cost recovery, which means accommodation and travel expenses for the ANGIS trainer, lecture room and computer suite hire, and handout photocopying. These courses are designed for attendance by people only from within a particular organization. We can accept either credit card payments or institutional purchase orders.


  • Introduction to the ANGIS Interfaces (3-hour course)
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (one-day course)
  • Database Searching (one-day course)
  • Applied Bioinformatics (three-day course)
  • Applied Bioinformatics (Lecture Content)
  • Institute Initiated Courses

Introduction to the ANGIS Interface (3-hour course)

This is a brief introduction to the BioManager interfaces. No in-depth analysis of bioinformatic programs is discussed. This is purely a “Getting to know the interfaces” course. The course suits honors and Ph.D. students unfamiliar with the interfaces (i.e., I did not come across them as undergraduates).

Introduction to Bioinformatics (one-day course)

This course covers:

  • Definitions of the different databases
  • Database sequence searching
  • Sequence format exchange
  • Two sequence alignment
  • Multiple sequence alignment
  • PCR primer design
  • Restriction mapping

The course aims to give the participants an overview of the available programs. It is intended for new Ph.D. and Honours students unfamiliar with bioinformatics and staff just getting into this area. It is not intended for seasoned ANGIS users. The course is a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops.

Database Searching (one-day course)

This course covers:

  • Current database organization
  • Text searching
  • BLAST and FASTA analysis
  • Algorithms (BLOSUM and PAM)

This course is designed for students and staff who are, or will be, conducting database searches on NCBI or ANGIS. The practical course will use the NCBI, BioManager, and WebANGIS interfaces. The course is a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. The content of this course is covered in the Applied Bioinformatics 4-day course.

Applied Bioinformatics (three-day course)

This course covers:

  • Database searching (Text and Sequence)
  • Blast/FastA searching
  • Algorithms – basic understanding
  • Two sequence comparisons
  • Multiple sequence alignment, formatting, and editing
  • Phylogeny methods
  • Protein structure and function
  • Gene detection and mining
  • Motif analysis
  • Nucleic acid structure
  • Basic sequence assembly
  • Laboratory methods (restriction analysis and PCR primer design)

This course is designed for students and staff entering the bioinformatics field without formal training. A basic understanding of biology and familiarity with the internet will be assumed. The practical course will use the BioManager and interface. The course is a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. Participants are encouraged to use their sequences for part of the practical course, although this is not essential.

Institute Initiated Courses

This can be arranged if a department or laboratory is interested in holding a course for their group. The course can be a modification of the above courses or a direct transcript of the above course. In this case, there is no minimum number of participants as there is a cost per course allocated. The institute handles (and pays for, where appropriate) lecture and computer suite hire costs, morning/afternoon tea, and all expenses incurred by the ANGIS representative. As of May 2023, the cost is $1200 per day, plus all expenses (travel, accommodation, food, handout copying) for up to 20 participants. For 20-40 participants, an additional ANGIS staff member will need to attend (these additional expenses must be considered).

The main advantage of this system is that the course can be held at a time suitable for the institute. The course can also be modified to minimize the irrelevant areas to the group.

There are no Courses currently available.